Mushky is the flagship brand of Green Ray Group in the textiles segment. The brand offers a wide spectrum of men’s apparel wear ranging from formal office wear, suits to denim and casual and party wear. Mushky offers a unique array of men’s merchandise with deviated hue, design, texture, and fabric. By focusing relentlessly on our corporate business value of quality, innovation, service and customer satisfaction, which has led from a single store in 2012 to the 40 stores across PAN India and pursuing towards the benchmark of 100 stores in convincing interval of time. Mushky is the synonymous with high end quality product and service.

We committed ourselves to dedication and endeavor to nurture an exquisite service to the people through comprehensible catering to the requisite substance of their need keeping in conception the panorama of their longing to meet an attire of the own exclusive kind.

We notably would be excelling in developing the apparel which idealizes not merely sheer case but also quality oriented when it comes to customer satisfaction as we conceptualize that the true means of business exist in the essence of customer care.

Mushky is a dynamic and core brand for formal and casual men’s apparel catering to intended market emphasized on niche customers as Mushky premium and Mushky classy is thirst for best quality and competent towards high end attire affordable cloths. Garment industry which witnesses severely changing trends that surpasses production cost, where Mushky has more flexible approach to ready to wear retailing. Its unparalleled fabric selection has been crafted from 100% Egyptian Giza cotton which is known for its durability and luminosity, best of the finest cotton and first of its kind.

The brand offers promise stringent quality adherence, durability and luxury which is adherence to its superiority, elegance and comfort for premium and high end consumers. Incarnation of Mushky is the result of intensive market survey, state of the art research and development and design innovation becomes driving force of Mushky. Market research propelled conducted in major cities in India in accordance with a leading market research agency to comprehend the needs and aspirations of the buyers in men apparel segment, what factors drive consumer mindset. After extensive customer profiling and experimentation the founders at the Green Ray has decided to venture  a brand that will create a niche in apparel market with a premium and classy range of clothing for men. The designing team is actively engaged in creating new designs to meet the market requirement and aspirations of consumers as well as ensures that the fabrics are sampled and pretested in Q & A before reaching to the end-consumers. Our designer work day in day out to stay in tune with the market vogue. All the production process details are taken into account to provide the best quality clothing men.  Thus we fabricate the best of latest designs for the up roaring market.

 A 1 billion, vertically integrated design , quality and marketing driven company , Mushky Fashion Limited employs around 4000 people spanning all over India  through its vast network of sales and distribution.

Mushky is endorsed by the flamboyant all rounder cricketer Mr. Irfan Pathan that helps leverage the image and popularity of our brand.

Our operations, products and work are globally benchmarked with the best. We constantly thrive to achieve higher and higher altitudes at the same time sustaining the highest quality parameters in versatile process and looking forward to attain distinct recognition and milestone which merely advocates for delivering quality rather than promises.

Mushky – Mushky is an Arabic word which means fragrance that gives a top of the mind image for the brand Mushky defines elegance, finesse, purity. The brand connects with the high end audience.